Bachelor of Business Administration

Entrepreneurial Learning

Entrepreneurial learning is all about transforming ideas into action, learning by doing, and by putting theory into practice as this is one of the most effective ways to master anything.

As a student of Inter College Business School (ICBS), we will ensure your ideas and talents are transformed into action – as this is the only way to apply value.

As well as the theoretical aspects, your education will be enhanced with company visits, internships, educational trips, and seminars as this is part of the Inter College learning experience.

In addition to the variety of lectures and practical lessons, our teachers (who are successful entrepreneurs) will prepare you to enter the business world.

At Inter College, we value go-getters who realize their dreams – and this is a quality that we recognize in our students.

Admissions open for February 2021

Program structure

Inter College Business School will train you to become an expert of this sector. Every subject we teach is aimed at showing you how a company works, how you can measure whether you’re achieving your goals, and what you must do to manage an organization effectively.

We will also teach you how to develop perseverance, enthusiastically engage with others, and how to bring people and resources together to achieve your corporate goals.


This English-taught Bachelor of Business Administration is a 240-credit course that conforms to Dutch and European standards, with the credits divided evenly over four years (60 credits per year). Dutch bachelor’s programs at Universities of Applied Sciences generally last four years and highly motivated and driven students can complete their program early.

Inter College Business School offers motivated students the possibility to complete modules within three years by taking additional exams within each year of your studies – please contact us for personal advice and information if you’re interested in this.

Year 1

In the first half of year one, you will be analysing an organization and applying all you’ve learned to a business case study. This is the time to turn your knowledge into results and help a company access the right resources and opportunities to execute their projects.

In the second half, you will complete a Social Entrepreneurship team project and organize a trip abroad.



Year 2

At the end of this year, you will conduct a three-month internship with a business, and undertake research based on a specific issue, and present your solutions to the organization’s management team.

This is a practical experience that will allow you to apply your skills and get a taste of what a career in this field is like.

Year 3

Over this year, you will understand how to make strategic decisions, learn about acquisitions, determine which investments need to be made by corporations, and the kinds of choices you will face when you wish to implement change within a company.

At the end of this year, you will apply everything you’ve learned by establishing a pop-up store as part of a team project.

You will learn how to make necessary decisions, and will take responsibility for the store’s implementation from its design, to logistics, sales, finances, settlement and dissolution.

Year 4

In your final year, you will learn to undertake international business activities, understand more about sustainability, corporate governance and innovation.

You will also be given the option to explore various master’s degrees that can be pursued abroad.

During the last six months of this year, you will graduate, and can take a research internship in the Netherlands or abroad.

Upon completion of your Business Administration degree, you will have the title of BBA.

We collaborate with companies

All your assignments will give you the opportunity to test your ideas, practical skills and solutions in the real world by taking what you’ve learned in the classroom, and applying it. Through these, you will also get the chance to establish your own business, raise money for a good cause, play professional games to understand the effects of your decisions, and take an internship.

Our education has so much to offer, and this is due to our connections within the business sector, which will allow you to immediately get to work on real cases. Moreover, we regularly invite prominent guest speakers from the business community and organize great company visits, so you can get an idea of ​​how some of your favorite organizations operate.

Our teachers are successful entrepreneurs themselves and will constantly challenge you to come up with smart business solutions, so you can put theory into practice easily.


Inter College Business School is the only private institution in the Netherlands that pays close attention to business acquisitions. In Holland, there are currently many companies for sale – a number that is expected to increase sharply over the coming years.

During lectures, you will learn about family succession, and acquisitions by third parties – all aspects of an acquisition are covered – from negotiation techniques to financing models and growth opportunities.

You will also analyze the psychological aspects of this – for example, how an owner can let their company go following an acquisition.

We also work closely with family-owned business who rely on us to train their offspring to become successful entrepreneurs and successors of their parents’ ventures.

Your Career

You are now ready for the world of work

Once you have graduated, you will have all the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur, so you can kick-start your career and establish your own company, acquire a firm, or take a managerial position within an existing organization.

Continuing your education

Upon course completion, you can also choose to continue your education with a master’s degree, either in the Netherlands or abroad – the BBA offers plenty of options – be sure to explore them all.

Graduation in London

The Netherlands does not exist in a vacuum and international business is more the rule than the exception in today’s modern and interconnected world, and therefore, many students now choose to study part of their degree abroad.

For this reason, as of 2019, Inter College offers students the opportunity to graduate from The University of Law (ULaw), located in central London, and this option is available for every BBA student after two or three years – depending on the pace of your learning.

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our students the opportunity to graduate right in the heart of London – one of the world’s most prominent business and financial centres.

Graduating from The University of Law ensures an internationally-recognized bachelor’s degree which will allows you to move directly onto a master’s degree, without having to participate in a bridge year program or take tests such as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

Please note that as there is a limit on the number of students who can study in London, a selection will take place based on personal motivations and ambitions.

The University of Law Business School

The University of Law Business School is a new addition to the institution – one of the eldest and most respected universities within the United Kingdom. In a recent survey, the university was voted by students as number one for student satisfaction .

Like Inter College, ULaw’s Business School offers courses that prepare students for becoming successful entrepreneurs, and after your graduation here, you can choose from a number of specializations. From the start of the coming academic year, this program will seamlessly connect with the BA Business Management course at ULaw’s Business School.

For Whom?

From the start of the coming academic year, our study program will seamlessly connect with the Business Management program at University of Law. We will also instil a professional verbal and written command of the English language in students. After two (if you take an accelerated route) or three years, students will be given the opportunity to graduate in London. Because there is a limit on the number of students who can study in London, a selection will take place based on personal motivation and ambition.

The Future

This step serves as the first step to further internationalize Inter College Business School. In the coming years, possibilities will be expanded with universities in other cities around the world.

Entry requirements

Dutch students

Citizens of The Netherlands can join our program with the following diplomas:

  • HAVO
  • VWO
  • MBO4
  • International Baccalaureate
  • UK BTEC diploma studied at a ROC with Economics or Management and Operations, and Mathematics as an elective subject to be admitted to the training.

International students

In the Netherlands, universities are required to consider applications from students who have completed high school to a level that enables them to apply to university in their own country, and our admissions office is aware of the various, global high school qualifications that will allow you to join this program. Your high school diploma must be equivalent to Dutch qualifications and the admissions team will verify this.

Applications are not judged on grades, as the Dutch philosophy adheres to the fact that students should not be judged on their school marks for university entrance, as higher education is different from early years tuition, and universities should be accessible to all students – regardless of your high school marks.

Once students join ICBS, you are required to pass your assessments and exams to continue your education.

The future of Inter College Business School

Our collaboration with The University of Law Business School is the first of many to come as we aim to internationalize Inter College Business School. In the coming years, we will explore further collaborative opportunities with other universities around the world to benefit our students by offering you global exposure.

Inquiries and applications

Please feel free to call us on 085 – 1302450 or drop us a line with your name and number at and we will get in touch.

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