NVAO Accreditation

The Netherlands National Government Accreditation Organisation NVAO has accredited the Inter College Business School BBA Programme, Croho: 39226 (BA hons).

In 2002, the Netherlands Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) was established by law to guarantee the quality of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. Dutch accreditation is based on peer review of programmes. Flanders participates as an observer on the Board and a treaty will be developed to formally ensure that the accreditation organisation works for both the Netherlands and the Flemish community of Belgium.

Inter College Business School BBA Bachelor of Business Administration was accredited by the NVAO in 2019 (valid until 2025). A copy of the accreditation decision and the accreditation report can be downloaded from the site of the NVAO.

NRTO Quality Mark

Inter College Business School has a Quality Mark of the NRTO, the leading trade association for private Education in The Netherlands. 


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